• Jay Willis

    Jay is the Editor-in-Chief of Balls & Strikes. Previously, he was a staff writer at GQ and a senior contributor to The Appeal. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, and Defector, among others.
  • Madiba K. Dennie

    Madiba K. Dennie is the Deputy Editor and Senior Contributor at Balls & Strikes, and author of The Originalism Trap. Her writing has appeared in outlets like The AtlanticThe Nation, and The Washington Post
  • Molly Coleman

    Molly is the Executive Director at People's Parity Project.
  • Josie Duffy Rice

    Josie is a journalist and law school graduate who writes about prosecutors, prisons, and other criminal justice issues. The former president of The Appeal, Josie hosts the Justice in America podcast and is a co-host of What a Day.
  • G.S. Hans

    G.S. Hans is an Associate Clinical Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, where he teaches the First Amendment Clinic.
  • Michael Liroff

    Michael is a lawyer and a co-host of the 5-4 podcast.
  • Elie Mystal

    Elie is the Justice Correspondent at The Nation and a consultant on Radiolab
  • Peter Shamshiri

    Peter is a lawyer and a co-host of the 5-4 podcast.